US online gambling hearing named witnesses

To the congressional committee will be presented opposing views

The House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee of Commerce, Manufacturing and Trade online gambling hearing next Tuesday is unlikely to be a bland affair as there will be many opposing views from witnesses.

The following witnesses with address the hearing of “The State of Online Gaming”:

– Andy Abboud, the senior vice president of Las Vegas Sands, who will present the anti-online gambling arguments of Sheldon Adelson, the land gambling mogul.
– Online poker only pro-federal legalization John Pappas, who is the Poker Players Alliance advocacy group’s executive director.
– Geoff Freeman, the American Gaming Association chief executive and pro-federal online poker only supporter.
– Les Bernal, the national director of Stop Predatory Gambling, the title of whose organization says a lot.
– Kurt Eggert, a law professor of Chapman University and legal expert on the subject.
– Rachel A. Volberg, a professor from the University of Massachusetts, who is not known for her positive online gambling views.
– Joe Barton, the Texas Republican Representative and committee member who has introduce a bill to Congress seeking to make online poker legal at the level of federal government, which is being mentioned on the schedule of the hearing.

Pappas claims that he represent the online poker players’ views. “I believe I can respond from a variety of different angles and thing I have the necessary knowledge and experience to respond to the strongest of critics,” he added on Friday.

“I believe I can do this in such a way that it resonates with the committee’s members. We desire to have substance submitted to the hearing, and not only talk.”

The expectations of Pappas are that the hearing will consider the success of the online gambling developments and the success of their legalization in Europe and in individual US states, as well as different other views seeking to ban the genre on federal level.

In general, Pappas urged PPA members and players to voice their support for legalization by contacting their Congressmen and women again, and made a point how vital it was that undecided politicians should be aware of the opinions of their constituents on the issue.

“There is one thing we are able to accomplish that no other testifying group can and that is to deliver actual voters in their respective districts who will ask members to support this,” said the PPA exec. “Players play a crucial role in helping Congress members decide what their position is, and we want to demonstrate before any Congress members who may have or are expecting to receive Adelson’s political support that voters in their respective districts do not agree with his negative position.”