Poker players are angry at the link between PayPal and Innovation

Greg Pierson, the founder of Iovation, was implicated in an UltimateBet scandal involving hole card cheating

When it comes to poker cheating scandals, the memories of poker players are quite acute. This fact has once again manifested itself by an increasing pressure on poker forums such as twoplustwo in regard to the relationship between Iovation, the anti-fraud device reputation company, and the payment processor PayPal.

The founder of Innovation, Greg Pierson, is also known as one of the founders of Ultimatebet – Absolute Poker and he allegedly took part in a hole-card cheating scandal of multi-million dollar that started several years ago and bitterly resurfaced today.

Given the origins of Iovation, Players are angry that PayPal has decided to share information related to personal accounts with Iovation as part of its use of anti-fraud third-party measures.

Poker players are being asked to voice complaint to PayPal in respect to this relationship, and users of twoplustwo have provided a suggested email letter that details the reasons behind the player distress.

Such a tactic has proven effective in the past, when players voiced complaints after discovering the Iovation had been deployed by the new Ultimate Poker website of Fertitta Interactive for the online poker market of Nevada. Ultimate Poker had been forced to sever its relation with the anti-fraud company.

A respected poker player from twoplustwo, Michael Josem, was successful in its effort to uncover the cheating at UltimateBet and Absolute Poker in a single post:

“Individuals who steal other peoples’ money should be sent to prison, and leading organizations for money transfers such as PayPal should not entrust them with our personal information.”