Suspense over the Pennsylvanian gambling bill

Immediately after presenting her bill, Rep. Davis withdraws it for further amendments

The Pennsylvania’s state online gambling legalisation continued to capture the attention of observers from the industry this week in a moment when Rep. Tina Davis, the author, introduced her measure briefly in the House. Afterwards she quickly withdrew it for further amendments and for discussions with other parties who have interests in the bill.

Davis meanwhile appeared at on the Pennsylvania Cable Network in an interview conducted with Francine Schertzer on “On The Issues”, her political program. Davis opined that she expects her bill to be introduced yet again during the course of the two weeks. She also advised:

– For the current land operators in Pennsylvania, who would be granted exclusive rights for operating intrastate online gambling, licensing would be awarded for an additional fee of $40 million as well as a gross revenue tax rate on gambling of 45 per cent. According to Davis, these rates are the highest that may be imposed and that they may soon be a subject of reduction after discussion and debate.
– It was brought to her attention that Rep. Paul Clymer has voiced threats to create a bill that seeks to ban the state’s online gambling, and he also mentioned that the two had conversed, but had failed to agree on the issue.
– No provision for interstate compacts is contained in the Davis bill because he believes that Pennsylvania, having 12 million residents has a population large enough to maintain internet gambling without the necessity to enter into agreements for liquidity with any other states. It was also her wish to offer support for the existing land gambling operators in the state.
– According to Davis, a state Senator who remains unnamed was also thinking about creating a bill that is to complement her own.
– Yet to take place are talks with the gaming regulator of the state on the measure of Davis.
– Davis also said that it remains important for Pennsylvania to become involved in the online gambling trend. It is a trend gathering momentum at present among the US states.