Sports betting affiliates from US should be cautions

Among those who were arrested in major sports betting bust by the federal government was a webmaster

All indications point to the fact that enforcement authorities in their illegal online sports betting activities surveillance are including affiliates.

The CBS publication reported on Thursday that the big sports betting bust of Legendz saw 23 entities and 34 individuals charged at the start of the week. Among those arrested was the 54-year-old Gregory Wilson “Patchman” Roberts, an affiliate marketer based in Albany. A spokesman for the DoJ confirmed his indictment.

On the list of federal indictments, Roberts is listed as number 22. The information is presented at: of Defendants.pdf

It was emphasised by the Department of Justice that the indictment only serves as an accusation. Unless proven guilty, the defendants are to be considered innocent.

A statement from the DoJ claims that all those in position of defendants are reported to have been associates, members of employees of the on-going enterprise Legendz Sports.

In Oklahoma City, the place from which it is known to have originated the massive enforcement action, US officials claim that Legendz Sports was listed by Robertz on one his website as a “Sportsbook to be recommended”. Reports by the local media indicate that the indictment of the affiliate marketer alleges that he went to the Panama City to conduct operations with the operator Legendz.

The federal enforcement push presented further details, indicating that wire-tapping was also employed over the course of the investigation. There was also eavesdropping on conversations on Skype between parties for which it is known to have taken part in organising sports betting. It revealed incriminating and sensitive information.

The arrests and the investigation have been conducted in several US states.

As the week came to its end, one of the arrested men, the 53-year-old Spiros “The Greek” Athanas, was charged in a court in New Hampshire after accusations for being one of the partners in Legendz Sports.

It was claimed by the authorities that Athanas aided another partner from Legendz to alter the odds when it became clear that they were taking losses. The private jet the federal officials decided to seize is apparently property of Athanas.