Social sports betting website is growing fast

Major bookmaker firms are being attracted by Sportlobster

A US football career that resulted in injury turned out to be a positive development for Andy Meikle, the 28-year-old entrepreneur from Scotland. His sports betting and business exposure prompted him to create a social website for sports earlier this year. It already has a staff of fourteen people and is growing rapidly, catching the attention of a number of major companies for sports betting.

The London-based business Sportlobster was founded by Meikle and his friend Aaron Shepherd this April. It was able to raise one million dollars through the help of a private equity firm from Luxembourg.

In only four months, by using content from a number of sports and news sources, the enterprise generated a huge membership and attracted the attention of major firms for online bookmaking, revealed over the weekend The Scotsman newspaper.

The Sportlobster idea came to Meidle when he discovered how spread the information concerning sports was, and how such an idea won popularity for a large demographic.

“The penny has dropped,” The Scotsman was told by Meikle. “People are in a search for such things on the internet and different destinations are made available for placing bets, news, writing and reading blogs. Multiple websites and applications exist on the topic. It thought that it would be right to create a one-stop shop.”

Currently Sportlobster provides platform for thirty two sports. It includes fixture information and complete news for the Europe’s most-popular games like rugby, football, golf, tennis, basketball, cricket and Formula One motor racing.

The company has plans to make a move to the market of the United States by adding American football, college football and ice hockey content. It will also launch an application for the iOS platform in the next two weeks.

For the most part the content of Sportlobster is collected from data providers such as Opta Sports and via news, as well as from content sourced by fans from an active community of gamblers that visit the site to exchange information and views.

Due to the business interest volume in this venture, Meikle opines that the company will be in need of bringing together a commercial team to meet the potential partners’ demands.

“We have only been in existence for four months and have been approached by so many businesses with questions of how they can be featured on our site and become our partners,” he added.

“A lot of networks for social interaction have been created with the aim to be offered for acquisition very quickly. That is the reason why many of them do not care where there revenue streams come from. We are creating a business with the aim to make it lasting and profitable in long term.

“Large website for betting have already approached us and have expressed interest in our revenue streams.”