In Hawaii is introduced and Internet gambling bill

The State Senators from Hawaii Gilbert Kahele, Malama Solomon and Dela Cruz have brought back to life the debate on online gambling through the introduction in the Hawaii State Legislature of SB768, nearly a year ago to the day in which a measure of similar nature was presented and then proved unsuccessful in 2012.

On the 22nd of January the bill passed on its first reading and sought to implement and authorize a more legal, responsible and secure system for gambling on the Internet as well as proposed the foundations of the Internet Lottery and Gaming Corporation in Hawaii in order to achieve all this.

The proposal for HIGLC is to start as a public corporation and it is thought that it will be instrumental for the State but will not be an agency of the State.

With help from a private gaming operator would be conducted gaming and wagering on the Internet. He will provide a turnkey solution which is complete and includes wagering on Internet on games of skill and chance such as poker, lottery, and casino games. However, Internet wagering will be excluded specifically on any sporting contest or event. Outlined is also a provision for intrastate wagering.

The reimbursement of the selected private sector for gaming will be accomplished through an undisclosed percentage from the HIGLC’s revenues.

In its nature SB768 is a new submission of the House Bill 2422 from the last year which in February of 2012 made its way to the Legislature of Hawaii through the help of proponents of gambling, Emeritus Joseph Souki, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and the Republicans Angus McKelvey and Faye Hanohano.

The bill SB755 may also be recalled by readers. It was introduced to the Legislature of Hawaii in April of 2011 and its progress through a number of committees was fast and remarkable but then it was deadline established by the Legislature which for the rest of the year rendered it dead.