Georgia Country internet gambling blitz

Seven gas station shops raided by police and enforcement officials

In Floyd County, Georgia, enforcement officials have initiated a raid into 7 gas station stores in the aftermath of a investigation spanning over nine months into reported on the premises sweepstakes style gambling.

According to the Rome News-Tribune officials from the Sheriff Department and as well as other officials from the Department of Revenue in Georgia, got involved into a Monday mid-morning raids.

Reporters were told by Tim Burkhalter, the local sheriff, that the pay-outs in cash are illegal and he will make it sure that when it comes to illegal pay-outs the law will be enforced. We trust that in our community this is something of a scourge.”

While it is legal to have slot machines in the premises of a store, to have pay-outs in cash is not, said Burkhalter.

One owner of a store, Nikki Raj, opined that she has no concerns and is not worried about the investigation because her family and she conduct their business activities in accordance with the law of the state.

She also added that those playing on the machines use all their earnings of virtual nature for store credit which can be used to purchase any merchandise like food, for example.