For the US industry online gambling is a tail wind

The assessment of Boyd Gaming by Seeking Alpha, the investment publication, identifies online gambling as a development of key importance

The investment publication Seeking Alpha states in its latest assessment of Boyd Gaming, the US gambling group, that the US move towards online gambling is a very important factor for the gambling industry.

Another is Las Vegas upturn during the last twelve months, in which nearly 18,000 jobs have been created. There are also some $6 billion in projects ready to be restarted after the bad years. The Vegas housing market is another indication of improvement. It saw the record low prices of the previous years going higher by more than thirty per cent during the past twelve months.

“The advent of online gambling is the biggest tail wing for the industry,” reports Seeking Alpha, and notes the process of legalization in Delaware, New Jersey and Nevada and the fact that forty or more other states are considering online gaming legalization.

The assessment continues with the statement that Boyd is positioned well for revolution in online gambling, in particular in Atlantic City, where the group has entered into partnership with Bwin Party Digital Entertainment to offer slots, online poker and table games under both the brands of PartyPoker and Borgata.