Dubai online gambling bust

Sixteen people receive jail sentences after been charged and arrested

Sixteen individuals received jail sentences after they had been charged and arrested for running an illegal casino and arranging gambling and online poker games in a Jumeirah Beach electronic games shop by the First Instance Dubai Court this week.

Four out of the sixteen men received jail sentences of 12 months while the rest received three months in jail each. Out of those who are non-Dubai defendants 13 will be deported according to the Gulf News report.

Records by the court point at the installation of software powered by Cassava Enterprises on machines for gaming that enable patrons to access games online with Party Casino and Party Poker mentioned specifically.

The Dubai Police undertook a sting operation which was initiated after a complaint received by an informant. The arrests that took place were the result of an operation by an undercover policeman who paid US$ 136 for online poker play at the premises. The amount won by him (US$490) was subjected to a five per cent deduction by the illegal gambling house.